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Shaving Tips for Men: Avoid Rough Skin or Infections

Nearly all men have to shave their beards, or any other hairy body parts.  If the shaving procedure is not undertaken properly, it may lead to irritation, razor bumps and burns. Infections can also occur if proper sanitation measures are not undertaken while one is shaving.   Proper shaving entails choosing the right shaving method, proper facial shower and an after shave.  To achieve optimal results for a smooth skin after shaving, you need to make sure everything is done right.

1. Moisturize the shaving area or beard

Dry hair is harder to shave as compared to moisturized hair. Trying to shave dry hair mostly leads to razor burns and bumps. For a smoother and more comfortable shaving experience, you need to apply some moisture on the area you want to shave, as this makes the hairs weak thus easier on the blades.  For optimal results, you should use a warm face towel to soak the hairs effectively for an optimal shave.

2. Find a shaving cream

A shaving cream makes it easier for blades to cut hairs without pulling them.  Silicone is a major compound in shaving creams that enhance a shaving experience as it is a lubricant. Only look for a cream that does not form up but creamy ones. The cream reduces resistance or irritation after the shaving experience is over. It also enables the blade to glide through cutting any hairs on the way, and makes the hairs intensely moisturized for an easy shave.

3. Find a shaving brush

Many people neglect this very important tool when shaving. A shaving brush helps in a number of ways. It is through the shaving brush that the cream can be evenly distributed and applied on the area to be shaved, as well as help the cream penetrate close under the skin.  Exfoliation enhanced thanks to the shaving brush, as it brushes away any dead skin.  Some hairs may lie too close to the skin, and could be missed by the shaving blades. Nevertheless, the shaving brush can help raise these hairs thus a finer and clean shave.

4. A quality Razor and Blade matters a lot

A shaving razor needs to be extremely sharp to be able to cut away hairs on slight contact.  This is the reason why you may need to change the blade after each shave to maintain a clean shave. Using a sharp razor also reduces irritation otherwise caused by dull blades.

The number of blades in in the razor also matters on its effectiveness. Some razor brands offer shavers with up to 3 blades, which sweep evenly on one stroke. These reduce any case of irritation on shaving, because almost all the hairs are cut off within a single stroke.  Gillette is one of the biggest blade manufacturers that make triple blade shavers.

5. Cleansing and aftershave

A freshly shaved skin is susceptible to infections and proper cleansing is required. You should cleanse the shaved area with a warm water with and antiseptic solution to keep away bacterial or other infections.   An authentic moisturizer should also be applied on the shaved area to protect the exposed skin too.

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